Rhapsody Arts Center

Donna Lindauer


Occupation: Formerly Chief Operating Officer, Monson Construction LLC and Resident Services, Inc.

How do you enjoy the Arts in your own life? While not personally artistically talented in anyway, I have always enjoyed “trying” and very much enjoy music and all Arts of, and in, all venues.

Why support the Arts? The Arts enrich all lives in more ways than can be counted. Sadly, funding for the Arts is the first to be cut in schools and in all governmental funding
levels. So it is up to all of us to support and try to insure that the Arts continue enriching all lives in any way that we can.


Armed with no musical background or ability, but with a love of music and the Arts and a strong belief in the dreams and ability of her friend, Mickey Lytle, Donna Lindauer joined Rhapsody’s founding Board of Directors in 2006.

After a short sabbatical, she is pleased to return to the board and once again bring her business and community development experience to Rhapsody. Over the past 30+ years Donna has established relationships with local financial institutions along with businesses in Verona, Madison and surrounding cities. These relationships, along with finance and operations acumen, will help promote a solid foundation for Rhapsody’s continued success and growth. Recently retired after 35 years as Vice President of Operations for Real Estate Development and Management for Monson Construction, Donna looks forward to providing her time and perspective to the Board to help promote further appreciation of the Arts in Verona and surrounding communities.

Having lived in Verona with her husband, Gary, for over 35 years, Donna hopes to bring her love of community along with her passion for music and the Arts to the Rhapsody family.