Rhapsody Arts Center

Rich Novotney

RichRich believes in and lives the arts, but this wasn’t always the case. As a child, he didn’t experience the advantages that the typical student at Rhapsody Arts Center enjoys. Growing up, Rich had no exposure to classical music or any of the fine arts. It was only in college that friends introduced him to the great composers, and to the geniuses of theatre and literature. His entire adult life has been a journey of discovery, which is why he believes that an arts education is crucial for every child.

After that college discovery, for seven years Rich managed a children’s bookstore, which included creating and coordinating events that not only promoted literacy, but hosted local children’s musicians and productions.

Rich followed his theatrical background to become a board member of Verona Area Community Theater for the better part of a decade where he acted and directed plays and musicals, and with his wife is a season subscriber to Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and American Players Theatre.

As to the other arts, he’s working hard to make good on his English degree: he’s written a novel about Edgar Allan Poe and is working on one about Shakespeare. He lives with his wife in Middleton, and currently manages drug studies for Covance in Madison.

As a lay person who discovered his love of music late, and as an advocate of the arts and literary, he’s delighted to join the board of Rhapsody Arts Center, where he hopes to contribute a unique perspective to the Center’s continuing importance to young people in Dane County.