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Lessons for the Insanely Busy Adult

Do you have a “midlife list” of things you want to learn, see, and do?

It’s time to take those music lessons you’ve always wanted, explore your hidden potential, realize your dream of sitting down to play for your own enjoyment.  Do it for yourself! We offer: Piano, Voice, Strings, Percussion, Guitar (classical, rock, and jazz), Select wind instruments. Composition and music theory and Art.  Click here for our Insanely Busy Adult brochure.

Insanely Busy Teen Package

WHY should I commit myself to something else? Being able to play an instrument has many benefits. Not only does it improve mental health, it can also be very relaxing!

Did you Know: People who are involved in making music in their teenage years score 100 points higher on the SATs than those who don’t play music.

The very best engineers and technical designers in the Silicon Valley industry are practicing musicians.

Listening to classical, complex music improves spatial-temporal reasoning skills and organizes thought processes —- in other words, it makes you a better thinker!

66% of music majors who applied to medical school were accepted, while only 44% of biochemistry majors were admitted.

Students with 10 or more years of music study exhibit significantly greater creativity.

Music study looks great on college resumes!

We offer:

Guitar (classical, rock, and jazz)
Select wind instruments.
Composition and music theory

Let us know what you would like to play! Click Here for our Insanely Busy Teen brochure!

New in 2017!

Keyboard Connections – Beginning Piano for Senior Adults

Learn to play piano in a welcoming and warm group setting. After 8 classes, enjoy participating in a culminating event for classmates, friends and family. Lesson materials are included. An intermediate class will be offered for those who are interested in continuing.

Instructor: Kim Weiss, MT-BC Contact the office for more details!

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