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Private Lessons in Music and Art

Piano, Voice, Guitar, Percussion, Strings, Winds, Composition, Theory, Jazz/Improvisation, Combination Lessons

For information about the differences between learning in private lessons versus group classes, please refer to the article, One or More

Private lessons focus on the individual learning style of a student. This is a one-on-one lesson recommended for those who want individual instruction.  Choose one instrument or area of study, or combine two with the same instructor and still pay the same tuition as a single instrument lesson.  Students can enroll for lessons at any time; the tuition amount is prorated according to the start date. Students register for lessons during the academic year; summer registration is separate. Tuition level is based on the instructor’s education and tenure. For current teacher listings please click here. Busy adults interested in private lessons may be interested in our flexible Insanely Busy Adult lessons, a group of twelve 40-minute lessons to be used within six months’ time. We now also offer an Insanely Busy Teen lesson package for teens looking for a new activity or something to add to college resumes.

For siblings, friends, or parent/child combinations who want to learn music together, we offer partner lessons. Although the partner lesson is classified as a small group (two students), the teacher has more freedom to tailor the curriculum to each individual than he or she would have in a full group setting.

*Scroll down for information about art lessons.*

Private/Partner Lessons

Private lessons are available for most instruments. We also offer private instruction in composition, improvisation and electronic music production. Lessons take place once a week at a regularly scheduled time and include 40 or 55 minutes of formal instruction. We also set aside 5 additional minutes for parent conference time. Priority scheduling is given to current students and enrollments received before August 1st. Enrollment is ongoing and tuition is prorated for a mid-year start.

Partner lessons are available for most instruments and all ages. A partner lesson consists of two students and one instructor meeting once weekly for 40 minutes.


Rhapsody’s private lesson term runs from September 11 through June 4 and the commitment is for the entire academic year. Lesson absence can be excused if the instructor is given at least 24 hours notice. Excused lessons can be made up and students are allowed 2 excused lessons over the 35 week period. In partner lessons, individual student absences will not be prorated or made up. Click here for a full list of lesson and class policies. This list is also available in a hard copy at the studio.

Private Art Lessons

Private art lessons are available in 45 and 60 minute lengths. Purchase one lesson or a package of two or more. Most often, lessons occur once per week, but alternative arrangements are available. Individual instructor availability and offerings may vary. Please call (608) 848-2045 for pricing & instructor information. Adults and home-school students welcome!

Group Lesson Weeks

These weeks are reserved for rehearsals of our chamber ensembles, music appreciation/history classes, guest lecture/performances, and age/level-appropriate studio classes. Group Lesson classes are 60 minutes and have 4-10 students per class. During Group Lessons weeks, there are no private lessons. See calendar for dates.

Tuition & Fees

Tuition includes 30 private lessons and 5 Group Lesson Weeks from September 11, 2017, through June 4, 2018. Tuition is due upon registration in August, November 1, and February 1. If payment is late, a $10 late fee will be charged.

Registration Fee — An annual per household, non-refundable fee is payable at the time of enrollment. This fee reserves your spot in the studio and helps absorb the cost of administration, studio events, performance opportunities, and instrument maintenance.

Book Deposit — All students pay a $40 book deposit upon registration. Returning students pay a $20 book deposit. This is a service Rhapsody offers to ensure that students get the correct sheet music they need when they need it. When the $40 is depleted, a copy of the expense record is provided and another $40 is due.

Tuition payments due: upon registration in August, Nov 1, and Feb 1. Summer registration and tuition due May 1st, 2018.
40 Minute Lessons (Basic / Master*)
Individual payment (1 of 3) $415 / $485
55 Minute Lessons
Individual payment (1 of 3) $535 / $630
40 Minute Partner Lessons
Individual payment (1 of 3) $235 / student
40 Minute Insanely Busy Adult
Tuition per 12 lessons $450 / $510
40 Minute Insanely Busy Teen
Tuition per 12 lessons $450 / $510

55 minute Insanely Busy Adult or Teen

Tuition per 12 lessons $618/$700

*see website for list of Master level teachers

Insanely Busy Teen Package

We know you have a lot going on! Are you interested in a fun way to
improve your brain power? It doesn’t matter if you played when you were young, or have not yet played an instrument, the benefits of music study can be had by all. Do it for your future!

Insanely Busy Adult Package

Do you have a “midlife list” of things you want to learn, see, and do? It’s time to take those music lessons you’ve always wanted, explore your hidden potential, realize your dream of sitting down to play for your own enjoyment. Do it for yourself!

Payment Plans & Discounts

  • Alternate Payment Plans

*Please inquire if you prefer an alternate payment plan (forms available in the office). Requires scheduled credit card transactions.

    • We are discontinuing the monthly bank draft payment option. We apologize for any inconvenience.
    • Credit card payments: 6 payments (Aug, Oct, Dec, Jan, Mar, May)
    • There is an additional one-time convenience fee of $15 per form submitted for credit card payment plan.
  • Discounts
    • 5% discount on total tuition amount if the entire academic year is paid in full by check or cash by August 1.
    • 10% tuition discount for the third student per household (discount applies to tuition of equal or lesser value).
    • 10% tuition discount on second instrument tuition of equal or lesser value (same student only).
    • Refer a new family and both families receive a $15 credit (referral information must be provided during registration).

Music Therapy

Who benefits from music therapy? Anyone who has therapeutic needs in the areas of social, emotional, cognitive, language, sensory, and motor development will benefit from music therapy. Some disability areas may include: autism spectrum, physical disabilities, vision/hearing loss, emotional/behavioral needs, and developmental delays. Rhapsody’s music therapist is music therapy board certified (MT-BC).

Private Sessions — Client meets with therapist each week. Sessions consist
of goal-related music activities such as instrument play/learning, singing songs, movement songs, song writing, improvisation and much more. 30 and 45 minute sessions are available.
Adaptive Lessons—We offer adaptive music lessons for students with special needs whose primary desire is to learn an instrument. Adaptive lessons are available in piano, guitar, and voice. 40, or 55 minute sessions are available.

Policies — Please inquire with our music therapist for policies specific to our music therapy clients.

Therapy Assessment
(required before private sessions commence)
One 60 minute session $145
Therapy Sessions
30/45 minute sessions $55/$75
Adaptive Lessons
40/55 minute sessions $540/$715

Lesson Information

Lessons are 40 or 55 minutes in length, plus 5 minutes of parent/teacher/student discussion, and are weekly. Priority scheduling is given to current students and enrollments received before August 1st. Enrollment is ongoing and tuition is prorated for a mid-year start.

Scholarships-It is the intent of Rhapsody Arts Center that no student be unable to study the arts due to financial challenges. Our Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to students who are unable to pay full tuition. Here is the downloadable application: Scholarship 2017-18.

Registration Fee-A $40 non-refundable registration fee per household is payable at the time of enrollment. This fee covers all class and private enrollments at Rhapsody through July 2017. This reserves your spot in the studio and helps cover the cost of studio events, lab software, festival opportunities, instrument maintenance, and administration.

Book Deposit-All students pay a $40 book deposit upon registration. The money is used to cover book expenses for the student. This is a service we offer to ensure that our students get the correct books they need, when they need them. When the $40 is depleted, a copy of the expense record is provided and another $40 is due.

Accompaniment Policy

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