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Who attends Rhapsody Arts Center?

Everyone! RAC is a nonprofit community music school open to children, teens and adults. All levels of ability are welcome. We have an instrument, class and teacher that is right for you!

When can I register?

Lesson registration is ongoing and tuition will be prorated when applicable. Before signing up for private lessons, please call or email first to discuss schedule availability. If you’re interested in registering for classes, please submit your registration and payment at least a week before the class start date. Call to request late enrollment for classes; missed classes will not be prorated.

Can I register online?

Yes! We offer online registration. If you prefer; pen and paper, postal mail, stopping into our main location, fax (608-848-2044), and email are all fine ways to submit your registration form.

Can I have a trial lesson or take a trial class?

Complimentary interview, or “trial” lessons are available and encouraged for students exploring private lessons–try out a teacher and an instrument! If you are interested in a particular opportunity, we ask that you phone us so we may help you determine the best course of study for the student in question. This direct contact will aid in ensuring the best possible experience for our students while enabling us to be as communicative as possible about our programs.

Trial group classes are generally not available. Please inquire.

What lengths of private lessons do you offer?

We offer 40 or 55 minute private and partner lessons, followed by a 5 minute parent conference time. Parents are encouraged to observe lessons to ensure the best student satisfaction. For more information about our lesson lengths and the benefits of longer lessons, click here.

Can I practice at Rhapsody Arts Center?

Yes–if you can come at times when one of the studios is not being used for lessons. During the school year, that is usually in the morning or early afternoon. Rhapsody is pleased to make its practice facilities available at no cost to our current students (for practice), and minimal fee to other musicians, performers and organizations. Please contact the office to request a practice space.

What kind of practice commitment can we expect?

As with anything worth doing , improving in music takes practice. One of the major problems with children and music study is the commitment to daily practice. The time spent daily varies from student to student, but the key is consistency. The student needs to spend quality time each day reviewing what they were taught, and this time needs to be concentrated and focused. Set the same time every day to play so that it becomes part of a routine. For beginners, time on the clock can seem like an eternity, but times through (repetition) each piece is more manageable (i.e. 3-5 times through each piece each day). See our parents page for more tips on encouraging your child to play at home.

Are there performance opportunities for students?

Yes! We have several performance opportunities for our students. We regularly perform at area senior homes and centers, and we host our own recitals in September, December, and May each year. We are comitted to providing a supportive, nonjudgmental performing environment for all of our students.

What are your rates?

Class prices & Private/partner tuition rates are found next to the class description (go to this page to see registration forms.). We promise quality over quantity and pledge to serve our community and customers the very best we can.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments by cash/check help to keep our fees (and yours!) low. Payments can be made by exact cash, check, or MasterCard/Visa/Discover. Credit card payments may be made online or in person at Rhapsody during normal business hours.

Are there any fees?

Full-year lesson registrants pay an annual registration fee of $40 per household. Your tuition may be paid in full or in installment payments. Please see our policies for full tuition payment information. Students enrolling for classes pay no fees, just the class tuition amount.

What happens if I can’t make it to my class or lesson?

Please call (608) 848-2045 as soon as possible to notify us of your absence. Make-up times will be given for excused lessons only. See our policies for the full makeup policy. Teachers are not obligated to make up more than two student-cancelled lessons throughout the academic year.

There are no makeups for missed group classes.


What happens if my teacher cancels a class or lesson?

If a teacher cancels a lesson or class, an alternative, mutually compatible date will be offered. This policy also applies for when Rhapsody cancels lessons or classes due to inclement weather.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

To the extent that funds permit, Rhapsody Arts Center offers financial aid to qualifying students in the form of reduced tuition. Applications can be obtained at the studio at the registration desk, by phone, or on our website. Financial aid, based on need, is determined using a sliding scale that considers family financial resources and number of dependents. Re-application is required for each new session. All applications and awards remain confidential. Several pages on our website have links to our downloadable scholarship application form.

Can I help to provide scholarships and financial aid for those in need?

Yes! If you would like to help a deserving Rhapsody Arts Center student by endowing a scholarship, please contact our board president via email at President@rhapsodyarts.org or by calling the office at 608-848-2045. Scholarships can be set up in any financial amount and can be named for you or a loved one.

How can I get more involved at Rhapsody Arts Center?

There are lots of ways to help out at RAC! We are often in need of volunteers to help out with in-house projects and our numerous free events. Additionally, Rhapsody actively seeks new leadership candidates for our Board of Directors. Click here to inquire about current opportunities.

How can I find out about recitals, events and other happening at Rhapsody?

If you or your child is enrolled in private lessons, you’ll receive regular email updates from us about events and upcoming registration deadlines. Rhapsody News is also a great way to stay in touch with Rhapsody Arts Center. Each quarter, our newsletter will tell you about all of great things going on, including student recitals, free concerts and events, registration deadlines and other important information for students. View our latest newsletter on the “newsletters” page and subscribe to our mailing list on any of our website pages. Rhapsody also has a FACEBOOK page–“like” us and get all the latest news and be the first to hear about special classes and discounts.

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