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18th Annual Sonatina Festival
Saturday, November 3, 2018
Hope to see you there!


“I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play.” -Boris Becker

The 18th annual Sonatina Festival aims to raise awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the Sonata and Sonatina musical forms.  As many music auditions and competitions are held in the spring, this festival encourages musical preparation during the fall semester by providing a performance goal for students of all ages and levels. We hope to see you in Verona on November 3 for this exciting day of music-making!

Printable Documents: COMING SOON

  • Sonatina Festival Entry Form/Information
  • Adjudication Form


  • Festival Entry Fee: $24 per student (non-refundable)
  • Judges will award trophies to one-third of the performers in each age category. Judges will also name a chosen recitalist as well as an alternate in each category. In the event the recitalist is unable to perform at the Festival Recital, the alternate will be invited to perform. Decision of the adjudicator is final.
  • Students will play with other entrants in their age group. Duets, adults, and teaching professionals are also eligible to participate.
  • Memorization is required (except for adults, duets, and teaching professionals). A sample adjudication form can be found at www.sonatinafestival.org.
  • Entrants will play one movement of a selected Sonatina or Sonata without repeats. Students not yet ready for a classical sonatina may enter a piece in Rondo, Binary, Rounded Binary, or Ternary form. To further explore the vast repertoire, performance of works by lesser-known composers is encouraged (J.C. Bach, Kabalevsky, Scarlatti, Dussek, Cimarosa, Biehl, Gurlitt, Bartok, Lichner, Diabelli, etc.).
  • Entrants must provide an original score for the judge with measures numbered. No photocopies will be allowed.
  • Appropriate performance attire is required—no jeans or tennis shoes, please.
  • A performance bow is no longer required.
  • Auditions are closed. Only the judge and the entrant are allowed in the room.
  • The festival is held at Rhapsody Arts Center, 1031 North Edge Trail, Verona WI.

Photos from 2017 Sonatina Festival

Photos from 2016 Sonatina Festival

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Questions?  Email us at sonatina@rhapsodyarts.org