We will miss you!

After 19 years of serving our communities, Rhapsody Arts Center has closed its doors.

We thank you for the memories, magic and music!

If you are interested in working with our amazing instructors, here is their contact information:

— Charlene Adzima, violin, viola, fiddle instructor: charlene.adzima@gmail.com, 614-507-7071

— Marie Kaczmarek: mhkpiano@gmail.com, 608-320-5544

— Samantha Lamp: samanthalampe9@gmail.com, 608-322-8945

— Julie Mazer: info@julieamazer.com, www.julieamazer.com, https://www.facebook.com/musicwithjuliemazer/

— Liz Weinstein: the.painted.artist@gmail.com