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There are few things as rewarding as watching the growth of a student and being able to play a role in their development. New musical doors open when a student discovers a new composer, attends a concert, studies a new instrument, wins an audition, or receives recognition for musical achievement. The integration of all components of music instruction is top priority at the Center. We want our students to have a positive musical experience, establish good practice habits, and have fun. As instructors, we are responsible for providing the finest instruction for each of our students. By continuing to study, practice, and stay active in the music and arts communities, we aim to fulfill this responsibility.

To read an instructor biography and register, please select a name from the list below. Many of our instructors are basic level tuition teachers. Those teaching at the master level tuition are marked by an asterisk (*). In addition to advanced education and experience, Rhapsody’s Master level instructors have earned higher status through years of professional teaching, commitment to our students, mentoring other instructors, and tenure at our Center.

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