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Why Choose Rhapsody

Why Choose Rhapsody?

We strive to give our students the best music education possible. Here are a few things that set us apart:

Family Friendly: We are happy to have programs for everyone in your family! Since we have lessons for just about every instrument, we can usually arrange for you to just make one trip here and have all your lessons at the same time.

Highly Qualified Instructors: We are lucky to have some of the area’s best teachers. Take a look at our instructor bios.

Interview Lessons: Teachers have different personalities just like everyone else! Finding a good student/teacher match is essential to a student’s success. That is why we offer complimentary interview lessons.

Standards Program: At rhapsody, we proudly incorporate and adhere to state and national music standards in areas such as improvisation, composition, sightreading, and music history into our curriculum.

Group Classes: Five times during the year students will get to experience music in a group setting, with a curriculum that adheres to the National Standards for Music Education. This gives students a chance to learn new things and interact with their peers in a creative environment.

Practice Rooms: During specified hours you can come and practice! Call our office to schedule a time to come in.


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Performance Opportunities:

  • Recitals & Festivals
  • Auditions/Contests-Competitive and Non-Competitive
  • Senior Homes

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