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Group Week

Group Week Class Information

Group Weeks are alternative schedule weeks that occur five times per school year. During Group Weeks, all private/partner students will attend classes with their Rhapsody peers instead of attending regularly scheduled private lessons. GL Weeks are included in tuition and programmed to supplement and enhance private study!

Sign up for Group Week classes can be done online using your Rhapsody account, at this page, or by contacting the office.

There are two types of Group Week classes: Core Classes and Specialty Classes.

Core Classes are offered at the same day/time during each Group Week. Students attend the same Core Class for the whole school year if possible. Core Classes include:

  1. An opportunity for students to perform for their peers.
  2. A structured music history curriculum that covers early music to modern popular music. There will be listening examples in class and suggested listening for home. In addition to music history, students will learn about related Arts and world history.
  3. Age appropriate discussion, activities and games.

Specialty Classes vary widely across Group Weeks. Students can attend as many Specialty Classes as desired. Examples of Specialty Classes are:

Guts of the Piano This class will take you on a tour of the piano—12,000 moving parts! We’ll look inside of the instrument and discuss all the various parts that make this fascinating instrument work, plus we’ll talk about the history of the piano. Have you ever wondered what Mozart or Beethoven or Chopin’s pianos sounded like? We learn about that too, and listen to some recordings!

Drawing Inspiration from Music Using a fusion of art and music history, you’ll create your own art work inspired by a different era each GL Week!

Class Schedule Information

What you should know about Group Week classes:

  • We are not able to prorate or offer make ups for missed Group Week classes.
  • In the event of schedule conflicts, students can attend an alternative day/time of their Core Class.
  • Students should bring their instrument and lesson music to each Core Class.
  • Students should please arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of classes.
  • We reserve the right to dismiss any student from class who disrupts the experience for other students.
  • No regularly scheduled private lessons during Group Weeks, except pre-arranged make ups.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!