Rhapsody Arts Center


Rhapsody provides accompanists at no charge for student repertoire classes (i.e. Group Lesson Week classes) but not for student performances, recitals, competitions, and festivals.

In situations where it is necessary for a student to pay an accompanist for their talent and time, reasonable fees should be negotiated between the two parties and may vary according to the experience of the accompanist and the circumstances of the performance. It should be anticipated that more difficult repertoire may require additional rehearsal time.

The accompanying coordinator serves as a liaison between students and accompanists and assists in setting up soloist/accompanist pairings. To make a request, contact the office at 608-848-2045 or email info@rhapsodyarts.org. As a convenience, Rhapsody accompanying fees will be charged directly to the family account.

For recitals, Rhapsody recommends at least one (1) thirty-minute rehearsal with the accompanist at least one week in advance of the performance date. If the music is particularly advanced, more rehearsal time may be needed. The score should be provided to the accompanist at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the first rehearsal.


30 minute rehearsal & performance at Rhapsody: $30 first rehearsal, $25 each additional 30-minute rehearsal

Instructor accompanying his/her own students at Rhapsody recitals (no outside rehearsal time; performance only). Brief run-through & performance at Rhapsody: $15

Exceedingly difficult accompaniments requiring extra preparation: Determined on a case-by-case basis

Responsibilities of Instrumentalists/Vocalists working with Accompanist

  • Engage an accompanist with sufficient notice to ensure time to learn or review the music.
  • Adequately prepare for sessions with the accompanist so that the time is used effectively (no sight-reading).
  • Notify the accompanist at the earliest possible moment if repertoire or schedule changes must be made.
  • Contact the accompanying coordinator when problems occur in locating an accompanist or when a conflict occurs.

Responsibilities of the Accompanists

  • Honor commitments in a professional manner.
  • Prepare for scheduled rehearsals.
  • Make a prompt decision when the difficulty of the music is in question.