Rhapsody Arts Center

For Students

Recommended apps

Note Reading

  • Treble Cat/Bass Cat: Identify the designated notes to gradually improve your note reading abilities. Great for beginner note readers

  • NoteWorks: Name the note before it blows up. Improve sight reading skills and note recognition.

  • Flashnote Derby: Name the notes on the staff. If you get most of the notes right, you win! After the race, the app allows you to review the notes you missed.

  • Notes!: Different categories and levels of music flashcards

  • Name That Note: A note spelling quiz for all ages; answer 10-30 note questions based on your difficulty level.


  • Rhythm Builder: Help the owl rebuild his house by piecing together complete measures. Similar to Tetris, once you have completed a rhythm pattern line, the app taps the rhythm, and the line disappears.

  • Rhythm Cat: tap along to the designated rhythms that accompany a catchy tune. The app shows the rhythms missed in order to help you improve.

  • Rhythm Sheep: Tap the designated rhythm to test your rhythm accuracy.

Other Theory Apps

  • Music Theory for Beginners: The owl flips and hoots when you answer a question. Includes tutorials and quizzes.


  • Tempo Slow/Tempo Magic: Slow down the tempo on recordings without altering the pitch.

  • Gig Baby!: Play along to different drum beats as your metronome.

  • Metronome PRO: Awesome free metronome. A teacher favorite!


  • Symphonix Evolution: Create music by dragging notes directly onto the score. Record or playback using MIDI devices. Print your music and share with others!

  • Garage Band: Turn your iDevice into a collection of touch instruments and full-featured recording studio.

  • forScore: Download any PDF file directly from the web or Dropbox and access a large library of sheet music. Create and edit with an unlimited number of presets and add common musical notation symbols.

For Fun

  • Blob Chorus: Match the singing blob with the blob singing the same pitch. Watch out if you make a mistake!

  • Piano Dust Buster: Help Granny dust off the piano by playing the correct note when the germs hit the rhythm line while collecting points and bonuses. Featuring many popular tunes!

  • Monkey Drum: Create real music by drawing and watch the creatures play your creation!

Music Scores

  • iClassicalScores

  • Piano Music Scores

  • Virtual Sheet Music

  • Musicnotes Sheet Music Viewer

Music Technology at Rhapsody

Now is a better time than ever for the creative mind! What once required a multi-thousand-dollar trip to a recording studio can now be accomplished from one’s bedroom. There is no reason for the next generation of musicians not to have access to and be familiar with these tools, and at Rhapsody, our teachers are finding new ways to use music technology to enhance and enrich each student’s learning experience.

Students in our School of Rock classes are learning how to control synthesizers, vocal transformers and more through live performance using state-of-the-art music software. Composition students are able to make their imagination a reality, learning to record each instrument individually (both real and virtual) to create a complete song—just like the professionals do it! Even vocals can be recorded on-site using our sound-isolating booths, which were engineered for use in recording studios.

Students are also given technical resources that they can use at home, including links to free music creation software and recommendations on for-purchase music software and hardware. Our teacher Chris has also been known to give out his custom-created collection of over 700 free virtual instruments and effects to composition students who wish to get started with their own studio at home. (Did we mention that Chris is also a virtual instrument designer for a music software company?)

At Rhapsody, we want to give students the opportunity to grow musically into whatever discipline they desire, whether that would be a concert violinist, a studio soundtrack composer, a rock star guitarist, or someone who just likes to play for fun.

Want to hear some of the things that students are creating at Rhapsody? Check out these examples, all written and performed by our students:

Music Creation: Learn how to create your own music!

Rhapsody Arts Center’s MusicStation Lab isn’t just for learning games. Aspiring composers (and those who just want to have fun creating music) can easily record, edit and print their own creations. Performers young and old will enjoy improvising with a virtual band in countless musical styles and instruments. Really ambitious students can even learn how to design their own instrument sounds and use them in their compositions. The possibilities are limitless!

Students can easily create their own songs using Finale Notepad, even if they have never written a song before. They can then listen to their compositions performed using high-quality instrument sounds, record them to CD, or print them to take home and play later.

Each MusicStation comes with Emagic’s Logic Fun sequencer installed. Using a MIDI keyboard, students can record each instrument part of their composition into Logic Fun and then make a copy onto CD or MP3. More advanced students will enjoy Quartz AudioMaster, a sequencer that gives the student even more control over his or her musical recordings.

Powered by E-MU’s SoundFont® technology, students can hear their compositions reproduced using realistic wave-table synthesis, a technology that renders each sound using recordings of real instruments. Students can access thousands of instruments sounds, allowing them to create professional-sounding recordings with ease. Click Here* to listen to an example of what can be done with a MusicStation.

* Audio example is Copyright 2005 by S. Christian Collins. All rights reserved.